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Schools that offer NO MERIT Scholarships

The list of colleges NOT offering merit scholarships include many of the most well-known in the United States.


  1. Amherst College

  2. Dartmouth College

  3. Reed College

  4. Bernard College

  5. Goddard College

  6. Saint John’s College

  7. Bates College

  8. Hamilton College

  9. Sarah Lawrence College

  10. Bennington College

  11. Harvard University

  12. Stanford University

  13. Bowdoin College

  14. Haverford College

  15. Swarthmore College

  16. Brown University

  17. Julliard College

  18. Trinity College, CT

  19. Bryn Mawr College

  20. Marlboro College

  21. University of Pennsylvania

  22. Bucknell University

  23. MIT

  24. Vassar College

  25. Colby College

  26. Middlebury College

  27. Wellesley College

  28. Colgate University

  29. Mount Holyoke College

  30. Wheaton College, MA

  31. Columbia University

  32. New England College

  33. Williams College

  34. Connecticut College

  35. Princeton University

  36. Yale University

  37. Cornell University

  38. Reed College

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