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High school student in a workshop wearing safety gear

High Schoolers

During 9th and 10th grade, focus on choosing activities that will help you stand out!

We Help High Schoolers:

Find The Right Path

Set Priorities


Getting Started For 
9th Graders

Incoming high school freshmen need to prepare for the "tsunami" of college admissions by picking activities to get involved in.

The options for high school clubs, programs, and activities may seem overwhelming, but we can help you pick the best options for you! 

Staying On Track For 
10th Graders

10th grade is the time to focus on standing out and preparing for leadership opportunities.

We'll help you decide what specialized classes and activities are right for you based on your career and life goals. Additionally, we'll focus on honing your executive functioning skills, such as managing your time well and setting goals, so you can stay on track for success.

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