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High Schoolers

11th and 12th graders should narrow down interests and apply to target schools.

We Help High Schoolers:

Solidify A Direction

Learn Work-Life Balance

Select The
Best Option

Often considered the hardest year of school, 11th graders often feel overwhelmed by the combination of activities, academics, and applications. With help, junior year doesn't have to be overwhelming.

With your coach, you'll get assistance in time management, executive planning, and, most importantly, your applications for your target schools. Special focus will be given to your essays, and with a coach by your side you'll feel confident that you're putting your best foot forward.  

Navigating Junior Year For
11th Graders

Finishing Strong For 
12th Graders

Once college acceptance letters begin arriving, it can be difficult to focus on all that still needs to be completed your senior year. Coaches will help you explore exciting career paths, college class options, fields of interest, and help you stay on track for success. All of this preparation will lead to a seamless transition to college and a positive freshman experience.

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