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How taking humanities classes helps with admissions to top STEM programs at universities

Fireside chat with SK Mentor Tessa Conrardy

Tessa underlines the importance of taking initiative in academic assignments and college applications by connecting them to personal interests and compellingly showcasing unique experiences and perspectives.

College application essays and the importance of unique perspectives.

• Tessa shares insights on STEM students' essays, noting two main issues: overemphasizing personal interests and lack of depth in storytelling. She advises applicants to approach essays with a more complex and nuanced perspective than just stating a problem they want to solve or an experience that profoundly impacted them. Students must provide a unique perspective or angle on their experiences or ambitions to stand out in the college application process. Incorporating humanities and social sciences into STEM fields to address ethical concerns is of considerable interest to anyone and everyone. An interdisciplinary approach to AI is essential, citing potential privacy and minority group implications.

College applications, essays, and interviews.

Admissions officers seek exciting and unique stories from applicants rather than simply flexing on problems. Students should curate their most thrilling experiences and achievements in their personal essays, like a movie trailer showcasing the best moments. Harpal emphasizes the importance of storytelling and curation in personal essays, citing engagement with good storytellers as a critical learning opportunity.

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