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Know where your target college stands: Buyers and Sellers Colleges

application strategy colleges list future planning junior year senior year Apr 25, 2021
What are the buyers and sellers? 
It’s a concept of dividing colleges based on their need versus your desire via their marketing $$ at play to get in.. Jeff Selingo developed while researching and writing Who Gets In and Why
The sellers are the “haves” of admissions. They are overwhelmed with applications, many from top students. They don’t need to buy students with tuition discounts to fill their classrooms. Most sellers offer financial assistance only to students who really need it or are truly exceptional.
The buyers are the “have-nots” in terms of admissions—although they might provide a superior undergraduate education. Rather than “select” a class, their admissions officers must work hard to recruit students and they must discount tuition through merit aid to fill classroom seats and beds in dorm rooms.
It’s best not to think of this as a scientific formula or a binary system. Rather use it as a guide in your search because most schools fall somewhere on the spectrum of buyers and sellers. For more details check out the names of the colleges on this list


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