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Full ride scholarships: Plan else you won't get them

financial planning future planning Sep 22, 2021
So how do you maximize your chances of getting a large scholarship that will cover all of your college expenses? Try to think like an admissions officer. Find the generous colleges.. read my post ​ 
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  • A full-ride scholarship is a college’s largest recruitment tool used to entice top-performing students who might otherwise enroll elsewhere. For that reason, full-ride scholarships become less common the more selective an institution is. In short, if there is no shortage of applicants dying to get in and willing to pay full price, there is likely to be a shortage of scholarships.
  • Students looking for a full scholarship should consider schools that will be no problem for them to get into—colleges where they are not just meeting, but (frequently by a lot), their entrance requirements.
  • These colleges often compete with more well-known names to attract top students, and, if you are a top student, that competition can work in your favor.
​Motivated students can start looking at what is required to get these scholarships early. Colleges will often provide information about the typical profile of their scholarship recipients right on their websites. For an example, check out the recipients of the prestigious Jefferson Scholarship at the University of Virginia. These students have the grades, the leadership skills, the extracurricular activities—the whole package—and maybe competitive for admission to an Ivy League university or college of similar selectivity. UVA is willing to offer up some big money in order to provide an incentive to these top students to enroll in their university over others they may have been accepted to.