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Colleges that produce the highest # of PhDs

application strategy colleges list future planning Sep 27, 2021
These colleges produce the highest percentage of eventual doctorate recipients in the humanities, natural sciences, and social and behavior sciences. Institutions are listed in rank order and based on statistics provided by the National Science Foundation’s Weighted Baccalaureate Origins Study. The stack ranking is based on the # of PhDs produced.
  1. Reed College
  2. Swarthmore College
  3. Carleton College
  4. Pomona College
  5. Haverford College
  6. California Institute of Technology
  7. Grinnell College
  8. Williams College
  9. Amherst College
  10. Oberlin College
  11. Kalamazoo College
  12. Wellesley College
  13. Vassar College
  14. Macalester College
  15. Allegheny College
  16. Bowdoin College
  17. Kenyon College
  18. Wesleyan University
  19. Whitman College
  20. Mounty Holyoke College
  21. Barnard College
  22. Hendrix College
  23. Davidson College
  24. Princeton University
  25. St. Olaf College

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