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Meet our talented and dedicated staff members, experts in their specialties. 

Harpal Kochar

Harpal is the president and founder of Success Koach. He is an Independent Education Consultant with a certificate in college admissions counseling from UC San Diego and Stanford. He is also a professional member of the IECA governing body of education counselors.

Harpal structures tailored guidance plans for his students, distributing the load over four years. The milestones are finite, with clear KPIs, implemented with periodic check-ins.

With a software architecture background, Harpal enjoys breaking down the admissions challenge into smaller, tangible projects to educate students and families on how well-prepared they are for college.


Tosca Langbert

My name is Tosca Langbert, and I love being an essay and mentoring coach for Success Koach! I’m originally from Dallas, TX, but now I live in Cambridge, MA. I’m in my final year at Harvard, where I’ve been studying government and art. In my spare time I read, do graphic design, travel, and draw. This past summer, I’ve been working as a development intern at a film and TV production company in LA. A fun fact about me: I did both a semester away during high school and a gap year (I joined AmeriCorps) during the COVID school year! 

Anu Villapakkam

Hi, My name is Anu, and I have a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Tufts Medical School and a post-doctoral degree from Stanford University. I have been in the educational field for many years with a strong background in academic writing and presentations. I have 4+ years of experience as a college admission essay coach. I love helping students write compelling essays showcasing their core values, strengths, experiences, and perspectives. I intend to guide the students to share their unique stories in their voices, which makes them stand apart. I walk my students through the process, including brainstorming, identifying topics, storytelling, and writing the final draft. I tap into my experiences as a stage artist, a radio jockey, an acting coach, and a dance choreographer to connect with students and find ways to help them write strong essays. What is your story? And how can I help you write a strong essay?

Nikki Bruno

Nikki is an internationally competitive sailor and when her athletic career started taking off and required more travel flexibility, she quit her job as a science teacher and became an independent educator, helping students and families remotely as an Academic Performance Coach and SAT/ACT Coach. Beyond admissions counseling, Nikki specializes in topics such as time management, study habits, organization, goal planning, presentation skills, motivation, leadership development, and more.
Nikki trained to become a College Admissions Consultant through the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), is an active member of National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), and has presented many seminars on topics such as college admissions, study skills, and career preparation. Her speciality is working with athletes as well as students with ADHD.

Geetika Kochar

Geetika manages the field operations for Success Koach, including billing and sales. She onboardes all new students and identifies the best-fitting counselor on the team to work with your student. She has earned a certificate in College admissions counseling from UC San Diego and UC Irvine.
Geetika has ten years of experience in technology, specifically Healthcare IT and retail. Before that, Geetika was a preschool teacher at Stratford Schools in the SF bay area. Geetika has raised two wonderful girls and learned the art of college admissions counseling through her experience. The older one went to Wellesley College and is now pursuing her Master's in CS at Columbia University. Her younger daughter goes to Santa Clara University.

Andrew Wang

Hello, my name is Andrew and I graduated from Stony Brook University studying Technological Systems Management. I'm passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals, and have extensive experience working with students of all ages through teaching and tutoring. Currently, I work as a Marketing Consultant for Success Koach and manage all web/advertisement/content projects.

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