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Summer Programs

We find the best summer programs from across the US for your student and coach them on all aspects of the application, including essays, references, and activities.

Essay Reviews

Every student's journey is unique, and their story matters. We help stitch up their life events into a coherent story. We bring your authentic voice into the writing.

Application Strategy 

Our students complete 90% of their 20+ applications by 11/1 i.e. Early Action date. They finish the process with the UC application by 11/15--it's their last and the best application. 

Grade Specific Milestone Plans 

9th and 10th graders 

  • 4-year academic plan
  • Dual enrollments, APs
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Summer programs
  • Impactful essays
  • Academic resume


  • Research focus internships
  • SAT/ACT strategies
  • College visits planning
  • Target colleges list
  • Resume spikes
  • Experiences dossier 
  • Career options review


  • Value stories dosseir 
  • Spike resume activities  
  • Early action/decision plan
  • Common App & UC essays
  • Recommendations
  • Supplemental essays 
  • Merit scholarships
  • Ad-comm interviews prep 
  • Aid negotiations
  • Appeals

College Admissions Strategies WhatsApp Group 

Our counselors routinely post newer quirks and strategies they learn from working with the students, building our collective experience of decades in college admissions.

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Radha and Kapil

(UC Berkeley ‘21)

"Your presence was God-sent. You gave us a clear picture of the process and the reality checks. The essay writing is where we were weakest; your guidance helped us think clearly. You got us the critical start on each of our essays."

 Taarini Dang

(U Chicago '22)

"Hello Harpal Uncle! Thank you for all that you have done for me! I got into Berkeley and UChicago. Since I did ED2 at UChicago, I had to withdraw from all the other colleges (Ivies, MIT, CMU, Caltech, etc). I also got into U Maryland (w President's $50k merit scholarship), Purdue, U Wisconsin, and others.

I received five merit scholarships - UCSC, ASU, U Maryland, etc. I have decided to go to UChicago. I plan to pursue a mix of CS and Econ or Business Econ. I want to utilize Booth school as much as I can. "

Maya Khangura

(UC Davis '22)

"Mr. Kochar is an incredible college coach. 

Because of his help, I am attending UC Davis in the fall. I was nearly hopeless, as all my target schools had waitlisted me, but Mr. Kochar assisted me and played a large role in my acceptance to Davis. I was in the first round of acceptances, largely because of my strong and refined wording, shaped with Mr. Kochar’s help.

I can’t thank Mr. Kochar enough, as he came into my life at the right time, helping define my future for the better! :)"


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Meet Harpal Kochar

Harpal is the president and founder of Success Koach. He is an Independent Education Consultant with a certificate in college admissions counseling from UC San Diego and Stanford. He is also a professional member of the IECA governing body of education counselors.

Harpal structures tailored guidance plans for his students, distributing the load over four years. The milestones are finite, with clear KPIs, implemented with periodic check-ins.

With a software architecture background, Harpal enjoys breaking down the admissions challenge into smaller, tangible projects to educate students and families on how well-prepared they are for college. 

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Writers are natural believers; they amplify their hero's strengths and work to resolve any areas of improvement. We are taskmasters, your confidante, and we see you through to the finish line.

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